Sunday, January 8, 2012

FOOD! I love so many things about it I figured I'd blog about what I eat. Why, because I love everything about food and thought blogging was an area I haven't experimented in, in regards to food. 
I'd like to give you some history about myself and my eating habits: I love food, I love to try new things, I anxiously await a new restaurant opening so I can try out their menu (when it's in our budget), I love reading about food, seeing food, looking through cookbooks. I love anything about food. I also have a husband who has Celiac's disease. I have begun to eat a gluten free diet just like him. However, I have been known to cheat. Which can really piss some "true" celiac's off but again.. I love food and sometimes I don't have self control ;) We also live on a budget, so having one of those meals outside of the house is a treat. So we try to make the best of things when we do go out to eat. I also buy expensive cheese and my husband eats it all in one gulp, and I cry a little bit inside when he does. 
This past year we had our first child, my treat has been to have some mommy time away from him. And when I do food is on my agenda. Sadly every meal I have had outside of the house has been sub par. So far, I have not come away from ANY meal saying, "WOW, I'm glad I left the house to eat that." My best meals have been in the house..things I make. So moving forward I hope to write about those things I make, successful meals outside of the house and anything else related to food!

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